Changes in distribution of biological materials for rice research

We would like to express our appreciation for your interest and support in the rice genome research project of the National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences (NIAS).

We are pleased to announce that NIAS has established the Rice Genome Resource Center (RGRC) from April 1, 2003 to provide researchers in Japan and abroad access to biological materials that have been generated as part of the rice genome research project.

All biological materials such as Tos 17 mutant lines (mutant panel) and materials for genetic analysis (recombinant inbred lines, chromosome segment substitution lines etc.) generated from the on-going rice genome research project by various research groups of NIAS and which until now have been distributed directly through the researcher in-charge were transferred to the RGRC as of March 31, 2003. From now on, RGRC will be in-charge of the distribution of these materials to all interested users.

Furthermore, the Rice Genome Resource Center will be charging handling fee to cover the preparation and shipping of requested materials.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Rice Genome Resource Center

Institute of Crop Science, NARO
2-1-2 Kannondai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8518

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